Friday, November 30, 2007

Group Update

Last week, the class met with Shelby Clardy to discuss the changes she wanted to make to the mock up web site. After answering the many questions that each of us had, we were excited to get the final additions to the page. This week, while Mrs. Rogers was on vacation, our group meet for the regular class times to discuss what our group needed to be doing. Each day provided a little more clarity towards the goal. We have only received one email from the other groups with the newsletter attached.

Today we downloaded DreamWeaver to Molly's computer. Megan Craig also picked and adjusted the final picture to go on the home page. Our group is still a little worried about using dreamweaver because we do not have any experience with the program. We are also anxious that everything is going to get done on time since we are still working with the program. We are really excited to see the final web site, it has just been a long road getting there.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


The Web Site design for Habitat for Humanity is right on schedule. We have divided up the different sections of work and delegated it out to the other groups. The is now a collaborative effort between all of the teams. We are meeting with the client in person to finalize detail so we can continue to work on the project.

We began work this week on the final Web Site. Our team met on Friday to discuss the content of the homepage. We created a blank calendar to input on to the homepage. We also used some of the pictures that Shelby had sent us from a recent event to add to the News Feed.

After our meeting with Shelby on Monday, we will continue our work after Thanksgiving break. In order for our team to do the majority of our job of design and the final editing, we must wait to get the information from the other groups. In the mean time we will work on creating the design of the layout on the Web Page. Once we get the copy and pictures from out fellow classmates, we will begin to input that information on to the actual Web Page. We are excited about out meeting with Shelby. We are looking forward to talking about what needs to be changed and what needs to remain the same.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting to work...

This week our client chose a proposal for us to begin working on. Our design was chosen, which was a big compliment. Now the groups have all been given jobs to work on for the Web site. This is the real work: making the Web site.
Our group is in charge of design and final editing. We will have a group meeting on Friday so we can discuss what we need to be doing.

We have a few questions for our client:
- How do you want this Web site to "feel"? Are you wanting it to feel formal and very professional or informal and therefore possibly less intimidating?
- Which element(s) do you really like about the design you chose, and therefore which element(s) do we definately need to keep the same?
- Which element(s) do you really want to change?
- Are there any element(s) from the other designs you would like us to try and work into the Web site?

Thank you so much for choosing us; we are excited about working towards the final product!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Group Update

This week, our group submitted a proposal to Shelby containing all the things that we think that the web site should include, how it should be changed, and the effects it would have on the ReStore as a whole. We received wonderful feedback from our teacher and classmates and can not wait to hear the results of Shelby's decision. We are not concerned with which one gets picked, even though ours would be great, we are mostly excited about getting started on improving the web site!

An improved web site could make the world of difference when it comes to the public relations side of Habitat for Humanity. A presentable web site would give the organization more credibility and therefore encourage more business.
Shelby, we know that you have a very tough decision to make, but we are supporting you in whatever you choose. We are simply excited to help you and the rest of the ReStore staff.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Website Proposal

Our group has finished our design for the website. We have worked hard for the last few weeks, and the proposal for our client is finally ready for submittal. This is an interesting point in the process because we will finally receive feedback from an outside source. We have no idea what the other groups have been working on, and it's hard to see where our ideas stand in relation to the rest of our class. We hope that Shelby considers our design to be every bit as good as the other proposals and that she appreciates the hard work we have put into her project.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Proposal Development

Our group has already met twice this week, and we plan to meet several more times in the next few days. Our meetings have been very productive. We have begun to develop the client proposal for the website. The rough draft is complete, and our group has entered the final stages of graphic design and layout. We are eager to receive feedback on our hard work when we submit our Habitat for Humanity proposal this week.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group Meetings

Our group has begun to meet and discuss specific ideas and plans for the Habitat Restore website. We met this week to brainstorm about visions that we have for what the website will look like. One of our team members is in Chicago this week, so we will be meeting twice next week to discuss more details and begin to create our proposal.
Our team is excited about working together to create a more effective website.